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What our customers are saying

"Beautiful! From the message to the packaging & the richness of the lipstick. It's amazing to be part of a powerful movement of beauty!"


"Love the color, the texture, the way it stays on and the packaging! Thank you for a terrific product!"


"I love this lipstick, the color and scent are fabulous! The ingredients are natural. It looks great on. What is not to love? If you haven't tried it, you should."


"What a great company and the package was so cute! I have the postcards all over my office for me and my daughter to remind ourselves everyday how powerful we are!"


For every Genesis lipstick you purchase, we donate to help a human in need.

To date, we’ve donated over 550 lipsticks to women and femme identifying individuals escaping crisis, domestic violence, assault, and harassment. Through 1:1 workshops and makeup classes through our Affirmation Application process, we fempower individuals to use makeup in ways that express their individuality and liberate them from their own fears. Together, we let go of anxieties and the expectations society has of us.  

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