Fempower Beauty Project Fempower Beauty Project

Fempower Beauty Project

What Is It?

The Fempower Beauty project donates 10% of earnings to support organizations advocating for human rights and equality in the way they need it most - whether it be donating brand new lipsticks with re-usable pouches, giving funds for special projects through partner charities, or shedding light around social inequalities on our platform. 

Every Fempower Beauty product purchased comes with the Fempower Beauty Project promise:

All proceeds will go towards education, advocacy, or empowerment. We will update our community on the power of their donations and the lives they impact. Fempower will always welcome suggestions on how to fempower it forward.

Makeup On A Mission

To create a space for education, to give a face to advocacy and a voice to empowerment to redefine beauty, feminine and feminist. To reconstruct how our society perceives feminine, feminist and beauty – using makeup as a tool to build confidence and self-worth. To action the unquestionable power of a sister squad and help women unleash their Fempower.

Education, advocacy and empowerment to femmes in need.

Why with makeup?

The act of applying makeup is ceremonial. It has shaped entire civilizations for centuries, and has been a long standing mode of expression. We aim to redefine how you perceive the expectation of beauty. We want to create an energy around the products you use that evokes a new experience. It’s almost 2020, “ I feel pretty, oh so pretty” doesn't cut it. Maybe shes born with something she creates. Makeup that feels is about your ceremony, your personal experience with the products you ritualistically apply. These modes of communicating with your spirit, mind, and body aim to allow you to understand your feelings and identity in ways every artist embodies their creations.

The Power<br>  to Empower

The Power
to Empower

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