Makeup that feels Makeup that feels

Makeup that feels

You are<br>evolving.<br>You are Serpent.

You are
You are Serpent.

Stay deaf to ignorance

For thousands of years their image was worshiped and they were called Mother Goddess. Even though they are a Goddess, their snake like representation in the Garden of Eden left them a reputation they cannot escape. They “lured” Eve into eating a piece of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, or so the story goes.

Perhaps, though, they really wanted Eve to know the truth about herself and her creation. She didn’t even know that calling her “woman” was short for wife to man.

They have felt slandered, blamed, and misrepresented. They threaten men. They shed their dead skin, but they cannot shed the idea that ignorance is not bliss. They are evolving. We are evolving. It’s time.


Why it feels?

Makeup that feels is a commentary on the socially constructed stigmatization of women, and the emotional response women have to this. It is an invitation to challenge the status quo. To transform a negative feeling into a positive being. Welcome to fempowerment.

Makeup that feels will allow you to connect with advocacy, while simultaneously educating you to build self esteem through the use of products that were once created to destroy it.

Every makeup collection that launches will challenge society’s emotional intelligence through beauty.

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