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Meet the founders

Alexis Androulakis (she/her)

Co-founder and beauty healing coach

Christina Basias (she/her)

Co-founder and educator

We're healing the harms of the beauty industry with luxury products that affirm and uplift

On the evening of the first Women’s March in 2017, we came home and collapsed on the couch, exhausted and exhilarated by the intensity of the day. The historic volume of women and allies who united globally to march for equality ignited in us a desire to give back more potently. We imagined every human that marched that day donating to a single cause and the remarkable change that could incite. Our idea was to take a product that many women interact with daily – lipstick, and transform it into an opportunity for activism. For centuries, the beauty industry has had a powerful role in dictating how women and femme identifying humans should look and behave in society. We want to change the rules and reclaim the intention behind our beauty products, and our lives.

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What we stand for

Affirm and uplift ourselves by reclaiming the beauty narrative in an empowering and affirming way.

We advocate for marginalized members of society in our messaging, visuals, partnerships, and give-back philosophy. We represent the disempowered by reminding them that they have a voice, and empowering them to use that voice. 

We are the antidote to the insecurities perpetuated by the beauty industry. We don’t tell womxn that they need to perfect, correct, or obscure. Our beauty is designed to help you assert your power, free the constraints of stereotypes, and amplify individualism. 

As an activist-based beauty brand, we connect womxn and allies through IRL & URL events. In these sacred spaces change-makers gather, express themselves, advocate for their beliefs, and feel supported in their mental and emotional well-being. 

Beauty is not one-hue-fits-all, and products are not prescriptions. Beauty is a multi-cultural, intersectional experience, and we are committed to using education to support collective discovery, where we can learn about and from each other.

What our customers are saying

"Beautiful! From the message to the packaging & the richness of the lipstick. It's amazing to be part of a powerful movement of beauty!"


"Love the color, the texture, the way it stays on and the packaging! Thank you for a terrific product!"


"I love this lipstick, the color and scent are fabulous! The ingredients are natural. It looks great on. What is not to love? If you haven't tried it, you should."