Makeup that feels Makeup that feels

Makeup that feels

You are<br>invincible.<br>You are Lilith.

You are
You are Lilith.

Wear your strength

I was created by earth just like my husband Adam. I have been demonized for centuries as a frightening and threatening creature. Subsequently, I personified the real sexual power women exercise over men. I symbolized the deeper, darker, fear men have of women and female sexuality. All because I refused to lay beneath my husband. Why can’t I be on top too?

What if I am just a woman who wants to be seen as equal. I am speaking out, finding my voice. I feel as though I have been silenced for centuries. It’s time to feel something new.

I adorn myself with the most symbolically powerful color of all time, instantly this make that feels transforms me. I am invincible. I didn’t cultivate fear, and I command respect. I demand equality.


Why it feels?

Makeup that feels is a commentary on the socially constructed stigmatization of women, and the emotional response women have to this. It is an invitation to challenge the status quo. To transform a negative feeling into a positive being. Welcome to fempowerment.

Makeup that feels will allow you to connect with advocacy, while simultaneously educating you to build self esteem through the use of products that were once created to destroy it.

Every makeup collection that launches will challenge society’s emotional intelligence through beauty.

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