We believe in Giving Back We believe in Giving Back

We believe in Giving Back

Give Back

We wanted to make giving back as easy as putting on your favorite luxury products. With the beauty industry focused on profits and perfection, we are creating the change we want to see and centering our brand around activism. We use beauty to uplift, not exploit. Much more than a campaign, giving back is woven into the DNA of our brand. For every product sold, we donate one to a femme in need. Fempower lipstick is activism in a tube, leaving your lips nourished and your soul empowered.

“Fempower products are activism in the form of makeup, we believe nourishing the skin and empowering the soul are one and the same”

Fempower It

Donated lipsticks go to humans in need of fempowerment through Dignity Not Despair

With every purchase
you gift a lipstick
to a human in need
of fempowerment

Supporting you and her

Gift a friend who needs your support or gift yourself....

Why with makeup?

The act of applying makeup is ceremonial. It has shaped entire civilizations for centuries, and has been a long standing mode of expression. We aim to redefine how you perceive the expectation of beauty. We want to create an energy around the products you use that evokes a new experience. It’s almost 2020, “ I feel pretty, oh so pretty” doesn't cut it. Maybe shes born with something she creates. Makeup that feels is about your ceremony, your personal experience with the products you ritualistically apply. These modes of communicating with your spirit, mind, and body aim to allow you to understand your feelings and identity in ways every artist embodies their creations.

gift<br>a lipstick

a lipstick

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