Giving back the power

You buy a lipstick, we gift one to a womxn in need
We're changing the rules

Using beauty to uplift, not exploit

300 lipsticks donated

For every product sold, we donate one to an organization helping womxn build resilience during a transitional time in their life.

We're shifting the narrative

In an industry driven by profits and perfection, we're flipping the narrative and reimagining this landscape as a space for fierce inclusivity, self-care and empowerment.

Beauty with a voice

Our lipsticks are activism in a tube, formulated with vegan ingredients and sociopolitical agency. 

Our give back partner

We are humbled to help you sign, seal and deliver Fempowerment to marginalized groups around the world. Our give-back initiative is currently powered in collaboration with Dignity Not Despair, a not-for-profit delivering beauty and hygiene goods to refugees escaping crisis, violence and poverty. Give-back beauty empowers these humxns to persist, resist and find their voice on their journey of resilience.

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