Fempower Beauty uses beauty to uplift, not exploit.

Giving back power

You buy a lipstick, we gift a lipstick to a
humxn in need
Fempower Gives Back

Our collective impact

Over 500 lipsticks donated

Every purchase goes towards empowering a humxn in need

We are shifting the narrative

Together, we are changing the standards of the beauty industry

Giving humxn a voice

Let's fempower each other to speak out against the things that matter

Our give back partners

We are humbled to help you sign, seal and deliver Fempowerment to womxn escaping crisis, violence and poverty around the world. Our give back initiative is powered in collaboration with Dignity Not Despair – a not-for-profit delivering beauty & hygiene goods to womxn refugees. Your selfless act of giving empowers womxn on their journey to shift the narrative. It is a small but mighty tool to help these womxn protect their energy, and find their voice.

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