Join our Community

Our vision is to transform how we speak to ourselves when we look in the mirror and follow our moral beauty compass. Join a community of Fempower Liberators who are doing just that.

Why Community?

Stress is thee number one killer in the world, which means that our mental health is more important than ever. Many of us focus on adding extra practices to our lives. But at Fempower, we transform the ones you have, and teach you how to build the best relationship with beauty you never knew you needed.

At Fempower, beauty is yours to define.

Self-confidence is yours to own.

Together, we will get there.

We created the mind x body x makeup connection. Together as a community, we help you slay anxiety, confront depression, and build self love.

In our community, we teach our Affirmation Application practice, a daily makeup routine designed by makeup artists and mental health experts to recondition our mind, body, and soul to maximise self-love, so that we all experience better self esteem and change the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. Our holistic approach combines scientific learnings around the way you think, see, touch, and love yourself. When you put your beauty products on, Fempower will teach you how to mindfully activate these four sensorealities.

Think for Yourself

Recent research in neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to move, change, and heal, has shown that we can create new neural patterns and behaviors with intentional, repetitive practice. This allows us to use affirming language to shift negative self-talk and patterns of behavior.

See Yourself

What did you say to yourself the las time you looked in the mirror? How we view ourselves when we look in the mirror has a profound impact on how we speak to and view ourselves. By reframing our perceptions and building a strong self-awareness, we can create lasting change in our self esteem.

Touch Yourself

Communicate care through your own touch. Our nervous system reacts to touch as a signal of care. Our bodies react in a similar way when we touch ourselves as if someone else is touching us. Check in with yourself. How does your own touch make you feel?

Love Yourself

It takes a minimum of 10 days to let go of an old belief, the same amount of time to form a new one. Repetition is cumulative. We are slowly and gradually moving our brain daily. Our goal is to change the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself. The destination we will arrive at together is you loving who you are. This happens through the power of repetition.