Makeup that feels Makeup that feels

Makeup that feels

You are<br>advocacy.<br>You are Eve.

You are
You are Eve.

Ignite your power

My name means the giver of life-but instead I have been understood as the giver of death for centuries. I feel so misunderstood. I am the present. I am advocacy, and I am a power pink screaming for advocacy.

What if Adam was also tempted by the forbidden fruit and we never knew? In this story, Adam and I would both be equal. Both willing to bare all the sins of humanity on our shoulders.

If this was the story maybe this world would be one of unity. Maybe we would’ve left the Garden of Eden, and entered the Garden of Eve.


Why it feels?

Makeup that feels is a commentary on the socially constructed stigmatization of women, and the emotional response women have to this. It is an invitation to challenge the status quo. To transform a negative feeling into a positive being. Welcome to fempowerment.

Makeup that feels will allow you to connect with advocacy, while simultaneously educating you to build self esteem through the use of products that were once created to destroy it.

Every makeup collection that launches will challenge society’s emotional intelligence through beauty.

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