<br> <br>We are fempowerment. <br> <br>We are fempowerment.

We are fempowerment.

They say every idea begins with a problem, one that inevitably every great startup goes on to solve. In our story, the idea of inequality has forever been a problem but we realized the question of where it starts is a bigger one. How to create that an even bigger one. This is how we began. The first time these two women had a conversation in real life, Christina asked Alexis, “What is your favorite thing about being a makeup artist?” Alexis replied, “When you look in the mirror, what do you say about yourself?” Like most of us, the answer echoed sounds of negativity and belittlement.

I like teaching people to see themselves in a whole new light. Christina was intrigued, and simply said, there was a time I do remember being proud, but felt like even that was taken away from me.
Christina spoke of her time working as a tech associate, where she was recognised across the district for her sales performance, but was labelled a Chris, because the feat is too grand to assume it was a ‘she’ whom beat all the ‘he’s’.There it was again the giant problem.Sometimes we fail ourselves, tied to silence, negativity and belittlement, for we are not what society expects of us. Yet we are so unaware that there’s a bigger framework, a bigger social mentality defining these thoughts and we are not to blame for our insecurities.

Almost five years after that conversation, Christina and Alexis created Fempower Beauty. Fempower was designed to reconstruct and redefine what is means to be feminine and what it means to be a feminist. To teach you how to love yourself first, and then share that love with the world. We have created a space for education, a face to advocacy and a voice for empowerment. A place to action the unquestionable bond bestowed in the femme race. We are challenging an industry that has controlled and skewed the sheer definition of beauty for decades. And we are challenging you, to be as you are, raw, real, perfect, powerful and present bound in a sister squad of Fempowerment.

Meet Alexis

Fempower Beauty ® Co-founder
Expert Beauty Product Developer and Makeup Artist

Meet Christina

Fempower Beauty ®  Co-founder
Former Educator & Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Education

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