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Adam was made for the embarrassed. He is fighting for equality, justice and conscious empowerment. He is a symbol of strength, civil rights, and self-love. A perfect balance of brown meets pink; a mauve rose of lipstick courage for the everyday. His attitude is soft, working with you, vibing your natural nude and never trying to change you. He is Fempowerment, a symbol of equality in a fight for justice.


Vivid Color

Power Lip Lock

Power Lip Lock

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free


  • Coconut Oil and Sweetener
    Coconut Oil and Sweetener (Caprylic/Capric/Triglycerides)

    Like a pina colada, but more like getting caught in a hydrating, nourishing and lubricating lip rain. Ultra balmy, vitamin depositing and pigment perfecting.

  • No-Sweat Wax (Microcrystalline wax)
    No-Sweat Wax (Microcrystalline wax)

    The real MVP, holding the whole squad together. Team, no sweat. She’s super malleable, exceptionally flexible and keeping your color put.

  • Sunflower Wax (Helianthus Annus Cera)
    Sunflower Wax (Helianthus Annus Cera)

    This little ray of sunshine binds all the oils in the lipstick together. She creates the structure, adds sheen, stops the drying feel (experienced with most mattes) and reduces the stickiness. Less tack, more class beauties.

  • Beaker Brewed Honey (Synthetic Beeswax)
    Beaker Brewed Honey

    No un-ethical beesiness here, honey’s. Just some beeker brewed synthetic beeswax, to protect your sweet lips from the sun and wind.

  • Forbidden Fruit (Aroma Flavor)
    Forbidden Fruit (Aroma Flavor)

    Exotic berries so sweet, you just might find yourself transported to the garden of eve.

Origins of Adam

I was very lonely in the Garden of Eden, even after God had brought me every beast of the field and every bird of the air. I was made a helper and then put me in a deep, deep, sleep, and given my own helper, created from a piece of my rib.

The very essence of her creation was to serve me. So I felt compelled to chose her name. Eve. She misled me, and I will never be able to forgive her. I am a little embarrassed to admit, that I actually took a bite out the apple the same time Eve did. I am equality. I wear this neutral muted mauve to showcase that we are equal. Man and woman coexisting beautifully in the Garden of Eve.

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