We are fempowerment. We are fempowerment.

We are fempowerment.

The Birth

There are many definitions of power. Some of which even specifically reference archaic men going to battle. Beyond the scope of equality, (or a certain lack of), inner strength is at the essence of power, which we have come to learn through our own experiences, is a remarkable attribute.

Through the vast array of life’s most grueling challenges, this is the one element that remained at the quintessence of our survival.

Enter Fempower Beauty, a movement and a culture for building strength in ourselves and others, tapping into life’s secret weapon, power.

We are two women who have struggled. We have endured, we have suffered, we have been emotionally crippled. We have been fearless. We have challenged ourselves. We have loved. We have grown. We have overcome. We have conquered.

We come from two different professional worlds, and decided to see what could happen if they collide. We became Fempower, and wanted to share this Fempowerment with the world.

Fempower is building your own strength and being your own woman.

– Christina, co-creator

Through strength I was able to build myself up and assert with power who I am.

– Alexis, co-creator

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