Fempower Beauty Project Fempower Beauty Project

Fempower Beauty Project


Together we are cultivating a beauty renaissance. Bridging the best of beauty, history & technology to fuel women with the tools they need to build a more equitable, fempowered future.

Beauty isn’t just what goes on the surface. It starts with the energy in your soul. Speak to the Fempower in you.

Soul Training

As part of the Fempower Beauty Project we visit women’s shelters to teach and empower women. It’s powerful feeling to empower yourself and others.

See our weekly woksheets. Train your esteem.


Train your soul, with our latest worksheet.

Why with makeup?

The act of applying makeup is ceremonial. It has shaped entire civilizations for centuries, and has been a long standing mode of expression. We aim to redefine how you perceive the expectation of beauty. We want to create an energy around the products you use that evokes a new experience. It’s almost 2020, “ I feel pretty, oh so pretty” doesn't cut it. Maybe shes born with something she creates. Makeup that feels is about your ceremony, your personal experience with the products you ritualistically apply. These modes of communicating with your spirit, mind, and body aim to allow you to understand your feelings and identity in ways every artist embodies their creations.

The Power<br>to Empower

The Power
to Empower

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